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The Austin Relocation Council (ARC) was created by Eileen Rau and Judy Alloway in October of 2010.

The founding board members included Eileen Rau (Budd Van Lines), Judy Alloway (JB Goodwin Realtors), Brooke Jones (Oakwood Worldwide), Julie Dollahite (Jade Mobility), Kim Hollenshead (VMWare) and Rebecca Stephens (SIRVA). 

The inaugural meeting was held on January 27, 2011 and featured an exercise entitled "The Life of a Transferee". The purpose was to allow participants to experience the relocation process first hand through a series of six stations - Relocation Counselor, Home Sale, Home Purchase, Temporary Housing, Household Goods Move and Life Happens (what can go wrong). 

Over the last decade, ARC has grown significantly and now hosts multiple events every year as a way for local relocation professionals to connect, share ideas, network and become educated on the latest trends in the industry. 

Founding Board Members, Judy Alloway, Kim Hollenshead, Rebecca Stephens, Eileen Rau, Julie Dollahite

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